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Nanoscale industrialization in global context

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ОбложкаInshakov O.V. Nanoscale industrialization in global context / O.V. Inshakov, translated from Russian by A.N. Usacheva, O.Y. Yushko. - State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Volgograd State University". - Volgograd: Publishing House Volgograd State University, 2010. - 36 p.

ISBN 978-5-9669-0696-2

   Having become a priority direction of the economic policy of the world leading economies, the development of nanotechnology is a natural manifestation of the global economic system (GES) evolution, a basis and impulse for a new technological revolution which will define the development of all the basic and intermediate (mezo-) structural levels – from megaeconomy up to nanoeconomy of the GES [1].
   Nanotechnologies open new opportunities to penetrate deeply into natural substances and processes; they can and should develop adequate forms in various spheres, sectors, and branches of economy and society. Therefore nanoindustry is a way to create a new type of mass standardized production on a global scale which is characterized not only by the technology of an essentially other level, but also by the corresponding economic and social attitudes among the subjects of all the GES parts.
The application of nanotechnologies and nanoscale materials in various branches, in inter-branch and territorial complexes, in the spheres serving their functioning (finance, information, etc.), in market segments and sectors (state, private, corporate, etc.) of the GES, produces clear synergy and cumulative effects stimulating the processes of mankind
transition to the highest qualitative level of its development.



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