О.В. Иншаков

д.э.н., профессор, ректор ВолГУ

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The most important publications

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The most important publications.
  1. O.V. Inshakov. Economic genetics and nanoeconomics / O.V. Inshakov – Volgograd: VolSU Publishing, 2007. – 94 p.
  2. O.V. Inshakov. Stock exchange: the economic institution evolution / O.V. Inshakov, A.M. Beloborod’ko, D.P. Frolov Volgograd: Volgograd Scientific Publishing House, 2008. – 383 p.
  3. O.V. Inshakov. “The development core” in the new theory context of the production factors. O.V. Inshakov. The economic science of contemporary Russia. Moscow: Production and publishing combine VINITI. № 1. – 2003.
  4. O.V. Inshakov. The institutional character of the economic space in the spatial economics conception / O.V. Inshakov, D.P. Frolov. – Spatial Economics. – 2007. № 1. (pp. 5 21).
  5. O.V. Inshakov. The theory of human action and economic genetics / A man in modern philosophic conceptions // Materials of the Fourth international conference in 4 volumes. V.1 – Volgograd: VolSU Publishing, 2007. (pp. 63-75).
  6. O.V. Inshakov and others. A meeting with simplicity; [the monograph] / edited by Doctor of Economics O.V. Inshakov. – Volgograd: Volgograd Scientific Publishing House, 2006.
  7. O.V. Inshakov. The role of institutionalism in the economic science / O.V. Inshakov, D.P. Frolov // The Economist, № 10, 2005.
  8. O.V. Inshakov. About the higher professional education modernization in Russia. // The economic science of contemporary Russia, № 1, 2005.
  9. O.V. Inshakov and others. Homo institutius – An institutional person: [the monograph] / edited by Doctor of Economics O.V. Inshakov. – Volgograd: VolSU Publishing, 2005.
  10. O.V. Inshakov. The evolutionary approach potential in the economic science of contemporary Russia // The economic science of contemporary Russia, № 4, 2004.
  11. O.V. Inshakov. The level analysis of the object, subject and methodology of the economic theory // The news of Sankt-Petersburg University of Economics and Finance. № 4, 2004.
  12. O.V. Inshakov. Institutionalism in the Russian economic thinking (IX – XXI centuries). / O.V. Inshakov, D.P. Frolov / The scientific edition in 2 volumes. – Volgograd: VolSU Publishing, 2002.
  13. O.V. Inshakov. On the strategy of the South Federal district development. – The strategy of Russian macroregions: methodological approaches, priorities and ways of implementation / edited by A.G. Granberg. – M.: Science, 2004.
  14. O.V. Inshakov and others. The basics of economic theory and the practice of market reforms in Russia. – Moscow: Logos Publishing, 1997.
  15. O.V. Inshakov. The mechanism of social market transformation and sustainability of the Russian agricultural and industrial complex. Volgograd: VolSU Publishing, 1995.
  16. O.V. Inshakov and others. Reproduction peculiarities in the agricultural and industrial complex // The Economic Issues. 1987, № 4.

The full list of O.V. Inshakov’s publications includes more then 350 scientific papers.
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