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Stock Exchange: the Economic Institution Evolution

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ОбложкаO.V. Inshakov. Stock exchange: the economic institution evolution / O.V. Inshakov, A.M. Beloborod’ko, D.P. Frolov - Volgograd: Volgograd Scientific Publishing House, 2008. – 383 p.

ISBN 978-5-98461-459-7

O.V. Inshakov. Stock exchange: the economic institution evolution. Second, augmented and revised edition / O.V. Inshakov, A.M. Beloborod’ko, D.P. Frolov - Moscow, 2008. – 356 p.

ISBN 978-5-99014-891-8

   In this study the stock exchange is considered as an institution and an economic organism, the dynamics of status positions, fractions and lobby as well as the language and communication of its actors is revealed. The rational and emotional character of the stock exchange agents’ behaviour and solutions, the shady relations and social transformations, internal and external effects of the stock exchange activity are analyzed. The periodization of the stock exchange evolution is presented, the factors, forms and trends of its further development are proposed.
   The authors put forward a number of original theoretical hypothesis and solutions, relying on various sources: from official government documents to stock traders’ personal correspondence.
   The book combines the fundamental theoretical analysis and publicistic witticism of describing the analyzed subject.
   For scientists and practical workers, lecturers and students, all the readers, striving for understanding the essence of the stock exchange phenomenon.

 * - Sections 1.2, 1.6 and 2.3 are scanned from the second edition of the book.
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